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crescent moon west london 2024 edit2 @sabbas98.jpeg

10 April 2024

Sighting of crescent moon means Ramadan ends today; Vatican human dignity document “fails terribly” on transgender issue; Soul Survivor worship leader Matt Redman describes abuse by founder Mike Pilavachi
open iftar Trafalgar Square 2024

9 April 2024

Vatican - sex change “grave threat to human dignity”; Cap restricting faith schools intake “about to be repealed”; Open iftar project 2024 ends in Trafalgar Square in the pouring rain
Israeli hostages families Finchley

8 April 2024

Rally in London synagogue for families of Israeli hostages; Jesuits say situation in Gaza is unacceptable, scandalous and shameful; Humanists UK challenges Guardian’s backing of Labour links with faith groups
Design ohne Titel - 1

4 April 2024

Pope leads moment of silence for aid workers killed in Gaza; Board of Deputies condemns Tory MP for comments on pro-Israel extremist Lords; Football Association hosts iftar at Wembley; Solar eclipse heralding the end of the world

4 April 2024

An unusual iftar in a London synagogue enables different faith communities to share a meal and get to know one another, at a time when interfaith relations are being stretched

4 April 2024

Palestinian American doctor walks out of Biden iftar meeting in protest at US arms to Israel; World Council of Churches condemns killing of Gaza aid workers; View from The Atlantic: The True Cost of the Church going Bust

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