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14 June 2024

Two million Muslims gather for the Hajj in Mecca; Dr Luke Bretherton appointed as professor of moral and pastoral theology at Oxford; Theos research on top election issues finds differences in religious vote
welbyandstarmer-Labour party

13 June 2024

Sir Keir Starmer pledges strong partnerships with faith communities; UK Hindus unite behind election manifesto; Call for French Olympic athletes headscarves ban to be reversed; Brass eagle theft from Edgbaston church captured on CCTV
McDonald conference Tomlin and Holland

12 June 2024

Conference considers whether the Church of England's status as the established church is challenged by being out of step with society on moral issues such as same sex marriage
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11 June 2024

Tory claims ‘election engineering’ by CofE; Two million pilgrims expected in Mecca; Baptists vote on banning female pastors; CofE Reader is world's oldest international cricketer
Sikh Nagar Kirtan Preston William Matthews flickr 2.0

11 June 2024

Sikhs in Britain historically vote Labour and issues concerning them include hate crime, representation in public life and justice over the Amritsar killings of 1984.
Election 24 hustings Aldeburgh Parish Church @stopsizewellC

11 June 2024

There is no bloc vote among Christians in the UK, but there is a common approach that faith is tied to social justice, though there are different conclusions as to how this is achieved

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