Winter solstice 2020

The winter solstice happened this year at 8.09am on 21 December, when the north pole was titled farthest away from […]

Factsheet: Druids

Beliefs, practices, facts and stats of the Druid movement in the UK – a search for inspiration linked to sacred sites with ancient traditions.

Summer’s over: Paganism and the festival of Samhain

The festival of Samhain on 31 October, has ancient origins marking variously the end of summer, the beginning of the Celtic new year, the veneration of the dead and a fire festival in the agricultural year. It is observed by many Pagans and is associated with divining the future.

Religion news 14 October

The next sex abuse inquiry will be on the treatment of LGBT+ in the church; Paganism a growing religion in Iceland; Children’s prayer mat invented for Welsh Muslim boy goes global

Religion news 8 September

77 year old priest arrested in climate change protest – again; Roman Catholic priest says repent of being a Democrat or burn in hell; campaign to pardon ancient witches of Scotland.