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Sikh Nagar Kirtan Preston William Matthews flickr 2.0

11 June 2024

Sikhs in Britain historically vote Labour and issues concerning them include hate crime, representation in public life and justice over the Amritsar killings of 1984.
Election 24 hustings Aldeburgh Parish Church @stopsizewellC

11 June 2024

There is no bloc vote among Christians in the UK, but there is a common approach that faith is tied to social justice, though there are different conclusions as to how this is achieved
Muslim Vote statements 110624

11 June 2024

The Muslim Vote reverses endorsement of three Labour candidates; Boris Johnson accused of antisemitism for name calling Labour leader; Tom Holland wins Sandford St Martin Trustees award
Peter Kerridge Premier Christian News

10 June 2024

Premier’s CEO, Peter Kerridge, has died at the age of 63; Call for new global platform for religious freedom; Ancient Christian manuscripts auctioned for £2-3million; Has the Pope got news for you ..
Soldiers Normandy DDay

7 June 2024

D-Day chaplains' ministry among the dead and dying; The Muslim Vote endorses four Labour candidates; Sikh Federation publishes manifesto for change; CofE produces prayers for the election campaign; Antisemitism is an existential threat to democracy in Europe
Bayeux cemetery

6 June 2024

D-Day headstones point to enduring ideas of hope; Muslims hope BJP losses will check anti Muslim rhetoric; Rabbi couple heading to Israel from Leeds after death threats; Clash at Cannes over flowing dress with a picture of Jesus

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