Itinerary – Religion Media Festival 2021

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11.00: Keynote speaker Rowan Williams

With a “Review of the Year” and interview with journalist & broadcaster Roger Bolton 

11.45: Polemic: ‘You don’t understand me’  on the British media coverage of Israel 

 The British media coverage of Israel – Professor Suzanne Franks

12.00: Panel Discussion:

What is British Islam, what is French Islam? Chaired by Tim Wyatt 

12.45: Panel Discussion: 

How have young people engaged with religion, belief and spirituality during the lockdowns and through the pandemic? Chaired by Kate Christopher 

13.45: Top ten tips for great podcasts

With Gerard Edwards, CEO Podcast Radio  

14.00: Keynote:

Session on the relationship between the government and  faith groups. Chaired by Hannah Scott Joynt

14.45: Polemic: ‘You Don’t Understand Me’: 

How the media report and understand the mainly black churches in the UK  – Dr Dulcie McKenzie

15.00: What is an evangelical? 

How has the term been used in America and how does UK experience differ? Chaired by Rosie Dawson 

15.45: Polemic: ‘You Don’t Understand Me’:

The religious dimension when covering India – Rahul Tandon, BBC East India correspondent

16.00: Panel Discussion

Reporting communities in Britain: How are media organisations responding to this challenge? With:
Helen Harper, Regional Head of Communities at Reach PLC
Debbie Luxon Community Reporter for Cambridge News
Adnan Rashid, community reporter working for Staffordshire Live
Chaired by Leo Devine


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