25th Anniversary of Women C of E Priests

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  • News comment on 25 years of women ordained as priests in the Church of England – 28% of clergy are women, but discrimination remainsRev. Dr Emma Percy, chair of the women’s ordination campaign group WATCH (Women and the Church)

    There is so much to be thankful for. Yet, there is still discrimination both formal and informal. So we rejoice for all the women priests who faithfully serve and pray for a church that is truly inclusive.

    Rev Rachel Mann, Anglican priest based in South Manchester.

    After 25 years of women as priests, I would have hoped we could have found a more expansive language.  But if we depart from words like Father and Lord to address God we are still seen as dangerous radicals.

    The Bishop of Fulham, Rt. Rev. Jonathan Baker, who has oversight of parishes on London, Southwark and Rochester which do not accept the ordination of women. It’s estimated that one eighth of parishes in London are in his oversight.

    The issue now is not one of two different convictions in some sort of stand-off but how do we work together for the mission of the whole C of E.


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