Religion Media Centre Podcast: Episode 4

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Welcome to the fourth episode of the Religion Media Centre podcast, as presenter Hannah Scott-Joynt and her regular house guests discuss a range of topics including the role of religion in politics, the results of the French election, and Bucky Day – a celebration of a controversial drink brewed by monks.

Intro | 00:00

Hannah Scott-Joynt welcomes her regular co-hosts to the podcast and asks them to introduce their upcoming features.

Journo’s Notebook | 02:18

Rosie Dawson welcomes journalists Tim Wyatt and Paris-based Wafa Jawad Abbas to discuss the French election results and their implications, especially for the Muslim community – and we discover that in France, unlike the UK, religious leaders have no voice in the political sphere.

Leo’s Local | 13:32

Former BBC regional expert, Leo Devine, tells Hannah about one church leader’s frustration at the lack of progress in bringing Ukrainian refugees to the UK, and excitement in the Jain community in Leicester as the animal sentience bill is about to achieve royal assent. Oh, and hold tight for Bucky Day!

The Big Interview | 21:59

Roger Bolton talks to Rt Rev Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham, about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s intervention in the Government’s refugee policy and how much influence the Church should have in political matters.

Azim’s Academic | 36:32

Our resident correspondent from the world of academia Dr Azim Ahmed meets Dr Asma Khan from Cardiff University to discuss her project relating to mental health among Muslims in Britain

Life Laundry | 42:53

Hannah welcomes comedian, Paul Kerensa, and his special guest comic Imran Yusuf to discuss the thinking behind his new Radio 4 series on male identity.




Hannah Scott Joynt


Voice-over artist, award winning radio and TV presenter and BBC continuity announcer


Leo Devine

Leo's Local

Media and Training Consultant at Devine Media. Former BBC Journalist, Editor and Senior Leader


Roger Bolton


Journalist and broadcaster who currently presents the Feedback programme for Radio 4. He is a trustee of the Religion Media Centre.


Azim Ahmed

Azim's Academic

Deputy Director at the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK


Rosie Dawson

Journo's Notebook

Freelance religion journalist, documentary maker and radio producer with 20+ years of experience in the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department


Paul Kerensa

Life Laundry

Comedy writer and stand-up comedian

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