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Artificial intelligence scares us — but it can help us realise what it means to be human

April 22, 2021

Religion’s most important contribution to the developing field of artificial intelligence could be to shoot down grandiose dreams of super-intelligent robots walking among us or humans transcending their bodies.
Religion news 23 April

April 22, 2021

Pope says urgent action needed to save the planet; Church Commissioners opt out of net zero by 2030 deadline; House of Commons says action against Uyghur Muslims is genocide; Algerian professor and Sufi expert jailed for offending Islam
Religion news 22 April

April 22, 2021

Church of England must act now to end racism or people will leave; British Jewish community “can do better” on race and prejudice; Ban on gay conversion therapy in Northern Ireland includes prayer; American faith leaders hope George Floyd verdict will boost racial justice campaigns
Church of England must act now to end racism or people will leave

April 22, 2021

The Church of England’s anti-racism taskforce is proposing 47 actions to change “a culture which tolerates racism”, including forcing shortlists ti have BAME candidates, mandatory anti racism training and creating full-time racial justice officers in every diocese.
British Jewish community ‘can do better’ on race and prejudice

April 22, 2021

A report from the Board of Deputies of British Jews recommends greater representation of black Jewish people in roles of responsibility and the inclusion of black history in Jewish schools.
Religion news 21 April

April 21, 2021

George Floyd murder verdict welcomed with prayers; European super league plan leads to antisemitic abuse; Confidentiality agreements silencing church critics must end; Richard Dawkins stripped of humanist award; Rabbi's “Scubi Jew” plan to clean up the oceans

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